Industrial Type | COAD 코아드자동문


Industrial Type

Product Features

Automatic door with high-density polyurethane panels,
protecting an indoor environment against outdoor dust and noise

  • Among doors in the same level, this door has the best structure strength, insulation, and air tightness.
  • With the use of high-density polyurethane panels, this door protects indoor work conditions against outdoor temperature,
    dust, and noise for a clear work environment.
  • This door provides anti-crime function and insulation for all types of buildings, such as warehouse, logistics center, and
    factory, in order to maximize energy saving.

Detail Contents

icon Product Overview
Model name COAD-30 COAD-31
Material 0.5㎜ galvanized plate 0.6㎜ aluminum steel plate/td>
Panel thickness Polyurethane
Internal filling material 50㎜
Lighting window Double acrylic window (manufacturer specification)
Thermal conductivity 0.021W/mk
Panel finishing Polyester coating after surface embossing treatment
Production scope W11,000 X H8,000
Purpose Places that need cooling & heating and insulation, such as factory, warehouse, logistics center, fire station, cooling & freezing house, and power plant
Feature Excellent strength and insulation performance; various types of lighting windows
OPTION Pneumatic safety device, Falling prevention device, Wireless remote controller, Pass door, and etc.
icon Controller

Features of the controller for overhead door

  • Controller for overhead door
  • Soft Stop/Start function to maximize the lifespan of apparatus
  • Position control function for Encoder Type
  • Waterproof case to prevent controller damage caused by the
    inflow of rainwater and flooding
  • Status check with external LED
  • Auto/semi-auto function for increased user convenience
  • Safety sensor applicability
  • Error code saving function
icon Lift

Standard Lift

Type of building | Buildings for standard industry

Advantage | the standard lift track set designed optimally for general
buildings is the most general method based on
the spring package right above door.


High Lift

Type of building | High ceiling & high lift tract set spring package
is installed high over door.

Advantage | A high-rise vehicle is able to pass through an opened
door without any obstacle of horizontal track. This type of track is
applied to the case where there is a large space over door, for
instance, the case where a high-rise vehicle needs to pass through.


Low Lift

– Implementation of maximum sunlight height with the
minimum head room
– Equal to standard lift, but spring package at the
end of horizontal track
– The space between door opening and ceiling
does not need more than 265mm.


Vertical Lift

Type of building | a place with very high ceiling and high work space

Advantages| A high-rise vehicle is able to pass through an
opened door without any obstacle of vertical track.
If there is enough space between sunlight height and root,
this type of door is able to be opened vertically.

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