Fire Shutter | COAD 코아드자동문


Fire Shutter

Product Features

Integrated fire shutter to detect smoke and heat
at fire and operate automatically

  • As an integrated fire shutter, it detects smoke and heat at fire and operates automatically.
  • With the application of Auto Hinge, a key to an integrated fire shutter, the emergency
    door has no sagging and has simple installation.
  • This door features firewall function, practicability, convenience, strong recovery,
    and soft operation.

Detail Contents

Model name COAD-51
Features & advantages 1. Maximum use of the internal space area for a building
2. Excellent use of a space through the installation in a narrow corridor
and around emergency stairs of a building
3. Installation of the emergency door in the left, right, or center
4. Complete tightness with no sagging and gapping of the emergency
door (application of auto hinge)