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COAD, 1st place in consumer satisfaction index for 3 consecutive years
Date 2018.04.12
2018.04.12 더보기

COAD, 1st place in consumer satisfaction index for 3 consecutive years

교통안전공단(복구형)In the award ceremony of "2018 Korea Consumer Satisfaction Index", which was selected by consumers at Rivera Hotel in Cheongdam-dong, Seoul, SpeedDoor Co., Ltd. of COAD, an industrial automatic door operator, won the first place in customer satisfaction brand (automatic door) for 3 consecutive years . As a company specializing in industrial automatic door, COAD has been awarded for three consecutive years and has established six overseas subsidiaries such as Japan and Thailand. It is a recognized brand in the world, receiving the top prize of export in 2017 and being certified as an export frontier company. COAD offical said "We are pleased that consumers have been recognized for differentiated services such as guaranteeing the lowest price provided by considering customer satisfaction as a top priority and expanding the warranty period for three years." and "We will continue to provide excellent products and services in the future."
COAD extend the free warranty service to 3 years
Date 2017.05.18
2017.05.18 더보기
COAD, 10 billion to achieve sales
Date 2017.04.12
2017.04.12 더보기
COAD awarded 'Million Dollar Export Tower'
Date 2016.12.06
2016.12.06 더보기
COAD Industrial Automatic Door, Exhibited in 'Propak Asia 2018' in Thailand
Date 2018.06.12
2018.06.12 더보기

COAD Industrial Automatic Door, Exhibited in 'Propak Asia 2018' in Thailand.

20170615_112037COAD has announced that it will exhibit high-speed automatic doors at 'ProPak 2018' which will be held from June 13 to 16 in Bangkok.

ProPak Asia 2018, the 26th anniversary of the year, is the largest processing, filling and packaging exhibition in Thailand and Southeast Asia.

It is an international exhibition where more than 70 buyers from all over the world including Asia, Thailand, Malaysia, Myanmar, Vietnam, Europe, America, Middle East and Africa can meet in one place. Last year, 2000 exhibitors from 45 countries participated. Approximately 45,000 packed visitors from all over the world visited the showroom.

At this year's show, COAD will show speed doors and overhead doors. COAD factory It is a high-speed automatic door with automatic door opening / closing speed of 3m / c. It is installed at the entrance of the factory and the inside of the food company and it is installed in a place where frequent vehicle movements such as logistics and forklifts are installed.

The overhead door uses the high density polyurethane panel and has the best structure strength and heat insulation effect. In case of COAD-20, the panel is folded and opened, so the storage space of the panel is minimized, , Piping, hoist and other facilities.
COAD is presenting Speed-doors in 'New Environmental Exposition 2018'
Date 2018.05.17
2018.05.17 더보기

COAD is presenting Speed-doors in ‘New Environmental Exposition 2018'

디에프코리아 (5)COAD has announced that it will exhibit high-speed automatic doors at 'New Environmental Exposition 2018(N-EXPO 2018)' which will be held from May 22 to 25 in Tokyo.

The exhibition is a prestigious environmental fair in Japan and introduces various environmental technology services ranging from waste recycling, prevention of global warming, and green solutions industry to various solutions. Up to now, an average of 508 exhibitors participated in 1,872 exhibit booths, boasting a size of about 200,000 visitors.

COAD Speed-Doors has high opening and closing speed and excellent sealing ability, it is suitable for waste disposal facilities, factories, and logistics centers by completely preventing leakage of noise, odor and dust generated from the inside.

CEO of COAD JAPAN, said, "The speed-door model, COAD-3, which has the industry's only automatic recovery mechanism, We plan to present the automatic door with reasonable price even if it is comparable. "
COAD is presenting Speed-doors in ‘2017 JAPAN PACK'
Date 2017.09.25
2017.09.25 더보기
Required industrial site necessary item in the rainy season, 'COAD Speed-Door'
Date 2017.07.12
2017.07.12 더보기
COAD Selected as a G-PASS company
Date 2017.06.29
2017.06.29 더보기
COAD is presenting Speed-doors in 2017 Propak Asia
Date 2017.06.02
2017.06.02 더보기
COAD establish local subsidiary in Malaysia
Date 2017.05.11
2017.05.11 더보기
COAD enforce fixed-price system by standard price table
Date 2017.04.20
2017.04.20 더보기
COAD, will be exhibited Speed-Door for indoor in '2017 COPHEX'
Date 2017.04.05
2017.04.05 더보기
Speed-Door COAD-Series "Fine Dust, Noise cut off effect"
Date 2017.03.20
2017.03.20 더보기