Double Extrusion Insulation Shutter | COAD 코아드자동문


Double Extrusion Insulation Shutter

Product Features

Shutter of double extruded slat filled with insulation material,
maximizing insulation, freezing prevention, and soundproof effects

  • The double extruded slat is filled with an insulation material so that this shutter prevents iceformation, and has insulation and soundproof effects.
  • This shutter can be applied to various places, such as logistics center, warehouse for shops, house, and garage.

Detail Contents

icon Product Overview
Model name COAD-52
Door application size max 10,000 × 7,000
Features and advantages – Light AI material and no corrosion
– Strong durability of double extruded material
– Transparent window for perspective view and lighting effect
– Coating in various colors to harmonize with outer wall and panel colors
– Excellent prevention of dew condensation in winter
icon Test certification


Double Extrusion Insulation Shutter Test certification