Speed Door | COAD 코아드자동문
  • COAD-1

    Basic Type

    Best seller
    Automatic door designed to replace the sheet in simple
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  • COAD-2

    Slim Type

    The motor is placed inside the drum to be possible
    installed in a narrow space Waterproof automatic door
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  • COAD-3

    Recovery Type

    Premium automatic door to save maintenance & repair cost
    through automatic recovery from external impact
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  • COAD-4

    Indoor Type

    High-speed automatic door to be
    operated more than 3m/s with the special motor
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  • COAD-5

    Clean Room

    Automatic door based strong sealing power
    with fitting the place for sanitation
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  • COAD-6

    Car Wash

    Automatic car wash door designed
    for operating a car wash at -10oC
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  • COAD-7


    Automatic door with immortal ink and frame built-in LED light
    Generating the remodeling effect of accommodations
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  • COAD-8

    Frozen warehouse

    Automatic door operable at -30 oC to 65 oC,
    and applicable at the site requiring the maintenance of internal temperature
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  • COAD-9

    Food Company

    Automatic door optimized for HACCP hygienic facility
    and hygienic control of food companies
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  • COAD-10

    Big Door

    Large automatic door with more than 10M in height,
    applicable to the heavy industry, shipbuilding, and automobile production lines
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  • COAD-11

    Unmanned Motel

    supporting one-room per one-parking system
    in interaction with guestroom management system
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  • COAD-12


    Automatic door fitting in the conveyor site to ship out massive products
    interacted with conveyor integration system
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  • COAD-13

    Explosion Proof Type

    Automatic door in safe from fire and explosion
    applied general explosion-proof components
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  • COAD-14

    Automotive Repair Shop

    Automatic door for repair shop and maintenance service center,
    perfectly preventing noise and cold wave through strong sealing power
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COAD represents convenience automatic door, pursuing safe and perfect
construction of fast automatic door beyond the negative image of Koreans’ impatience,
just as a snail moves slow but stable, leaving a trace.


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COAD Speed Door

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