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Recovery Type

Product Features

Premium automatic door to save maintenance & repair cost
through automatic recovery from external impact

  • This door is mainly installed in a site where it is highly likely to crash into an automatic door often
    because of much movement of vehicles like forklift or distribution.
  • After collision, this premium door makes it possible for automatic recovery mechanism to perform
    automatic recovery with no extra repair cost.
  • This zipper type door has strong sealing power. Therefore, it remains closed strongly.
  • This door is particularly good for electronic and automobile industries.

Detail Contents

icon Frame


PVC Guide driving principle

The direct sprocket type is adopted so that the axis of driving
door curtain is separated from the axis of collecting the curtain.
Therefore, it is possible to make the system stable and minimize
damage of the door sheet. This door is designed with the special
synthetic PVC to support the door curtain on both sides and with
extruded rail to prevent guide deformation and damage at vehicle
collision. Since there is no gap of tooth and guide, it is possible
to minimize the inflow of impurities and external air.
icon Sheet

The world-class premium fabric (SOL Screen Coating ) for boat

  • No twist and pinhole of fabric; excellent adhesion strength for easy process
  • Surface treatment: Fluorine (PVDF), acrylic, and PU treatment; single-side & double-side repeated 1-5 times of treatment
  • Customized selection (antibacterial & flame-resisting dual weaving structure)
icon Motor
  • 1. Vertical axis reducer with high efficiency

    About 20% efficiency higher than worm gear; more than 85% efficiency of reducer
  • 2. Low noise & low vibration

    Lower noise and vibration than bevel reducer/average 52~65dB
  • 3. High strength and long lifespan

    Increased gear strength and lifespan through carburizing heat treatment
  • 4. Lightweight and optimization

    Installation space saving and case and reducer weight reduction by offset
Worm reducer Hypoid reducer Remark
Motor capacity(kW) 0.4 0.4
Reduction ratio 10:1 ~ 20:1
1-step Worm 1/60
10:1 ~ 20:1
1-step Hypoid 1/10
2-step helical gear 1/6
Efficiency 60% 85% About 25% difference
Output Torque (kg-m) 7.8 11.0 About 30% difference
Size (mm) motor included 416x238x195 372x132x118 About 50% difference
Weight (kgf) motor included 20 20 11 About 50% difference in weight
icon Controller

Features of the controller for speed door

  • Inverter controller for speed door with the world’s best performance
  • Applicability to all automatic doors such as basic type, recovery type, Counter balance and others
  • Position controllability for ENCODER / LIMIT TYPE
  • Applicability to 1HP ~ 3HP motor
  • 2-Step Open Control to differentiate persons from vehicles
  • Compatibility with various devices (air curtain, conveyor, light bar, etc.)
  • Maximized insect-proof and cooling & heating effect by setting an air curtain time
  • Waterproof CASE to prevent controller damage from rain inflow and flooding
icon Perfect Seal


icon Sensor

1. Ultrasonic sensor

Herkules 2E

Herkules 2E
Herkules 2E


  • Detect and distinguish between people or vehicles
  • For heights of 2 to 7 m
  • Temperature range –30 °C to +60 °C
  • Direction recognition and cross traffic masking
  • Individually adjustable detection area provides for an enormously wide range of applications
  • Mask out crossing traffic, which prevents unnecessary opening and lowers energy consumption

PrimeMotion C

PrimeMotion B&C
PrimeMotion B&C


  • Based on microwave technology
  • Up to 4.8 metre wide field can be used, Mounting height up to 4 metres
  • Its cross traffic masking and direction recognition functions avoid unnecessarily long opening times and save energy.
  • User-friendly operation make it easy to install and mean it is ready to use quickly.

2. Vehicle & Loop Detector

Matrix (Loop Detector)



  • Detect vehicles, forklifts, carts and metal objects
  • Laying loop detector and its connected coil on the ground
  • Accurate detection control and stability
  • Enable to prevent all types of interference by controlling four frequencies

3. Safety Sensor

Safety Sensor (Basic Option)



  • Patent obtainment
  • Attachment of safety cap for malfunction prevention and normal operation even with impurities
  • Minimal non-detection area by basically providing 4-point safety sensors on the left and right frames (two in each frame)

Pressure Sensor



  • At door down, if an obstacle increasingly presses the tube, door stops or is opened.
  • Automatic door opening when an object touches door
  • Even low pressure of 3 to 4 mbar is enough to guarantee the electric contact will switch
  • high level of response sensitivity, which enables it to protect people and vehicles from practically all directions.

4. Switch

Proximity switch (Microwave motion sensor)



  • Door open & close by detecting hands or objects
  • Clean maintenance without any touching impurities and bacteria of the hands on switch
  • Good for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies which are sensitive to hygiene
  • Non-contact motion recognition
  • Detection distance: 10~40cm
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃

Pull Switch



  • Door open & close by pulling the string of door
  • Easy door open and close on vehicles like forklift
  • Single-pole snap switch
  • Easy door open & close
  • Quick door control

One Point Switch



  • Door open and close by pushing a button
  • Basic option
  • Quick door control

5. Remote Controller

3-channel remote controller



  • channel remote controller: open, stop, and close
  • One remote controller for up to three doors
  • Direct transmission distance: 100m

Multi-channel Remote Control Sensor



  • One remote controller for multiple doors
  • One transmitter for up to 8 doors
  • Detection mode: AC220V 60Hz
  • Input voltage Relay No output
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃