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Storage Type

Product Features

With the minimal interference of ceiling and speed door motor,
automatic door three times faster than conventional doors

  • With its speed door motor, the door can be opened and closed 3 times faster than conventional overhead door.
  • With the minimal storage space of the panel, this door has minimal interfere with ceiling light, pipe, crane, and others.
  • Based on chain-driving type rather than wire-driving type, this door reduces customer service expenses for
    wire separation and disconnection.

Detail Contents

icon Product Overview
Model Number COAD-20
Open & Close speed 0.3 ~ 0.7m/s
Max wind velocity 45m/s
Door application size W8,000 X H5,000
Features & advantages – No spatial restriction without interference of ceiling pipe, light, crane, and others
– Vertical storage type with no dust pile up
– Three times faster open & close speed than overhead door, through speed door motor
– Minimal wire failure and customer service cost saving through chain-driving structure
– Energy saving effect with no gap of panels at the time of door opening
icon Product Components


Material : double-side 0.5mm galvanized plate, aluminum internal filling
material : polyurethane filling thickness: 50mm

Surface finishing : polyester finishing after embossing treatment

Feature : excellent panel strength and insulation performance; excellent
corrosion-resistance and endurance; lighting and perspective view with
the use of dual acrylic window



Material : high-strength AL extrusion structure

Feature : wind pressure dual sealing structure of guide rail to maximize
cooling & heating effect

Internal brush attachment to prevent noise and damage from friction and
vibration; enhanced air tightness and sealing


Motor Bracket

Sumitomo Hypoid Geared Motor with high efficiency, low noise and lightweight

Chain and Sprocket with high strength and high tension; panel separation
and vertical storage structure

icon Lift

Standard Lift

Type of building | Buildings for standard industry

Advantage | the standard lift track set designed optimally
for general buildings is the most general method
based on the spring package right above door.


High Lift

Type of building | High ceiling & high lift tract set
spring package is installed high over door.

Advantage | A high-rise vehicle is able to pass through
an opened door without any obstacle of horizontal track.
This type of track is applied to the case where there is
a large space over door, for instance, the case where
a high-rise vehicle needs to pass through.


Low Lift

– Implementation of maximum sunlight height with the minimum head room
– Equal to standard lift, but spring package at the end of horizontal track
– The space between door opening and ceiling does not need more than 265mm.


Vertical Lift

Type of building | a place with very high ceiling and high work space

Advantages| A high-rise vehicle is able to pass through an
opened door without any obstacle of vertical track.
If there is enough space between sunlight height and root,
this type of door is able to be opened vertically.

icon Drawings

MODEL : C-20

icon Test certification


TEST result_strength
of steel panel


TEST result_protection against heat
of steel panel


TEST result_strength
of steel panel