Clean Room | COAD 코아드자동문


Clean Room

Product Features

Automatic door based strong sealing power
with fitting the place for sanitation

  • This automatic door is installed in a clean site, helping to establish a perfect clean system
    in connection with various sensors.
  • COAD seal helps to provide strong sealing power.
  • It is possible to interact with an air curtain (air shower).

Detail Contents

icon Frame

Description of frame A

  • Mold with high-strength AL dual extruded bar; strong against wind; separation one-by-one layer in collision
  • Easy for a/s which is fast and lowest fee.

Description of frame B

  • Stylish appearance with round design; Wind Lock System without derailment or deformation

Description of frame C

  • Bearing design without external protruding; improvement in fault by impurities and rust-free

The world-class premium fabric (SOL Screen Coating ) for boat

  • No twist and pinhole of fabric; excellent adhesion strength for easy process
  • Surface treatment: Fluorine (PVDF), acrylic, and PU treatment; single-side & double-side repeated 1-5 times of treatment
  • Customized selection (antibacterial & flame-resisting dual weaving structure)
icon Motor
  • 1. Vertical axis reducer with high efficiency

    About 20% efficiency higher than worm gear; more than 85% efficiency of reducer
  • 2. Low noise & low vibration

    Lower noise and vibration than bevel reducer/average 52~65dB
  • 3. High strength and long lifespan

    Increased gear strength and lifespan through carburizing heat treatment
  • 4. Lightweight and optimization

    Installation space saving and case and reducer weight reduction by offset
Worm reducer Hypoid reducer Remark
Motor capacity(kW) 0.4 0.4
Reduction ratio 10:1 ~ 20:1
1-step Worm 1/60
10:1 ~ 20:1
1-step Hypoid 1/10
2-step helical gear 1/6
Efficiency 60% 85% About 25% difference
Output Torque (kg-m) 7.8 11.0 About 30% difference
Size (mm) motor included 416x238x195 372x132x118 About 50% difference
Weight (kgf) motor included 20 20 11 About 50% difference in weight
icon Controller

Features of the controller for speed door

  • Inverter controller for speed door with the world’s best performance
  • Applicability to all automatic doors such as basic type, recovery type, Counter balance and others
  • Position controllability for ENCODER / LIMIT TYPE
  • Applicability to 1HP ~ 3HP motor
  • 2-Step Open Control to differentiate persons from vehicles
  • Compatibility with various devices (air curtain, conveyor, light bar, etc.)
  • Maximized insect-proof and cooling & heating effect by setting an air curtain time
  • Waterproof CASE to prevent controller damage from rain inflow and flooding
icon Perfect Seal


icon Sensor

1. Ultrasonic sensor

Herkules 2E

Herkules 2E
Herkules 2E


  • Detect and distinguish between people or vehicles
  • For heights of 2 to 7 m
  • Temperature range –30 °C to +60 °C
  • Direction recognition and cross traffic masking
  • Individually adjustable detection area provides for an enormously wide range of applications
  • Mask out crossing traffic, which prevents unnecessary opening and lowers energy consumption

PrimeMotion C

PrimeMotion B&C
PrimeMotion B&C


  • Based on microwave technology
  • Up to 4.8 metre wide field can be used, Mounting height up to 4 metres
  • Its cross traffic masking and direction recognition functions avoid unnecessarily long opening times and save energy.
  • User-friendly operation make it easy to install and mean it is ready to use quickly.

2. Vehicle & Loop Detector

Matrix (Loop Detector)



  • Detect vehicles, forklifts, carts and metal objects
  • Laying loop detector and its connected coil on the ground
  • Accurate detection control and stability
  • Enable to prevent all types of interference by controlling four frequencies

3. Safety Sensor

Safety Sensor (Basic Option)



  • Patent obtainment
  • Attachment of safety cap for malfunction prevention and normal operation even with impurities
  • Minimal non-detection area by basically providing 4-point safety sensors on the left and right frames (two in each frame)

Pressure Sensor



  • At door down, if an obstacle increasingly presses the tube, door stops or is opened.
  • Automatic door opening when an object touches door
  • Even low pressure of 3 to 4 mbar is enough to guarantee the electric contact will switch
  • high level of response sensitivity, which enables it to protect people and vehicles from practically all directions.

4. Switch

Proximity switch (Microwave motion sensor)



  • Door open & close by detecting hands or objects
  • Clean maintenance without any touching impurities and bacteria of the hands on switch
  • Good for food, pharmaceutical, and cosmetics companies which are sensitive to hygiene
  • Non-contact motion recognition
  • Detection distance: 10~40cm
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃

Pull Switch



  • Door open & close by pulling the string of door
  • Easy door open and close on vehicles like forklift
  • Single-pole snap switch
  • Easy door open & close
  • Quick door control

One Point Switch



  • Door open and close by pushing a button
  • Basic option
  • Quick door control

5. Remote Controller

3-channel remote controller



  • channel remote controller: open, stop, and close
  • One remote controller for up to three doors
  • Direct transmission distance: 100m

Multi-channel Remote Control Sensor



  • One remote controller for multiple doors
  • One transmitter for up to 8 doors
  • Detection mode: AC220V 60Hz
  • Input voltage Relay No output
  • Operating temperature: 20 ℃ ~50 ℃