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Wind Pressure Shutter

Product Features

Shutter designed to endure wind and rain at
the velocity 45m/s without any deformation and damage

  • This product is designed to endure wind and rain at the velocity 45m/s without excess deformation and damage.
  • This door is mainly installed at sites with strong wind pressure where it is hard to install a general steel shutter,
    such as power plant, seashore, and a site with large opening part
  • By blocking cold and external air, this door helps to make a work place clean.
  • The door is effective at protecting internal materials and facilities, helping to support fast carry-in & out.

Detail Contents

icon Product Overview
Model name COAD-50
Open & close speed 50 ~ 70mm/s
Max wind velocity 45m/s
Door application size max 15,000mm
Features & advantages – Light Al material and no corrosion
– Wind-lock system to improve slat separation from rail
– Easy to replace slat and rail; cost and time saving
icon Product Components

Slat/Guide Rail/Wind Lock/Side Cap/Shaft/ Shutter Box/Motor


  • As the aluminum 6063 extruded product, this double aluminum slat (DRS-72) has the strong T-5 durability.
    The thickness of one side is more than 1.3m/m. The internal and external thickness is 15m/m.
    Its height is 72m/m. The double slat has two main bars.

2.Guide Rail

  • As the aluminum 6063 extruded product, this guide rail has the strong T-5 durability for wind pressure.
    It has more than 5M/M in thickness. Depending on its width,
    more than 100mm-160mm is applied.
  • The brush attached inside helps to prevent noise caused by friction and vibration and the damage
    of the main body.


3.Wind Lock

  • As the special precise injection product with AL material, this wind lock is used to be inserted
    in Guide Rail to fix Al slat in order for the slat to endure strong wind pressure.


4.Motor Operator – OPERATOR

  • As an operator for 1Ø or 3Ø 220V~380V shutter, this product has Q Mark approved by a Korean
    governmental organization.The built-in manual switch device helps the operator to activate
    manually at power failure in order for quick access.


icon Test certification


Wind Pressure Shutter Test certification